.strong colors and nice details.

'Summer' (close-up) by
Marguerite Sauvage
(mais: http://www.margueritesauvage.com

.folding ribbon.

.cute little creatures made with ribbon.

'Ribbonesia' by
Baku Maeda
(mais: http://www.ribbonesia.com

.to eat or not to eat.

.icons as biscuits.

'City Breaks - London' by
(mais: http://www.biscuiteers.com


.cute sticky memo-pad.

'Leaf-it' by
(mais: http://appree.blogspot.com

.original time.

.from a bike wheel to a clock.

Clock by
(mais: http://www.etsy.com/shop/pixelthis


.sculptural art work made with recycled clothing.

'Recycled Clothing Art' by
Guerra De La Paz
(mais: http://www.guerradelapaz.com

.fly away.

.i always had a crush for wing(s).

Illustration by
Manuel Rebollo
(mais: http://manuelrebollo.blogspot.com

.color, color, color.

.amazing community art project.

Praça Cantão (Santa Marta) by
Favela Painting

.rustic feel.

.nice packaging project.

'Fuego Hot Sauce' by
Stephanie Hughes
(mais: http://www.stephanie-hughes.com/fuego-hot-sauce)

.why not.

.life isn't written in straight lines.

'Inspiration Pad' by Marc Thomasset

(mais: http://www.behance.net/marctm)

.rainny tights.

.unconventional tights.

'La Pluie' by Le Queues de Sardines

(mais: http://www.les-queues-de-sardines.com)

.creative walls.

.really cool stuff.

Wall Decals by Blik

(mais: http://www.whatisblik.com)


.colorful and cute candy rings.

'One+' by Papabubble

(mais: http://www.papabubble.com)

.perfect little space.

.modular summerhouse in lovely Sweden.

'One+' by Add-a-Room

(mais: http://www.addaroom.se)