.a cube in a tree that is a mirror and an hotel room.
'The Mirrorcube' by Tham & Videgard Architects / Treehotel

.self-made lamp.

.joined wooden pieces from recycled fruit boxes and more.
'Leela Lamp' by Paul Evermann

.nature close to you.

.take the plant out for a walk.

'A Wearable Planter' by
Colleen Jordan


.no words.

'Float' by
Hengki Koentjoro

.takeaway geisha.

.a funny and creative food package.

'Noo-Del' by
Helen Maria Backstrom

.yummi pen.

.pendrives that makes you hungry.

Chocolate & Biscuit Pendrives by
La Boîte à Couture

.giant in a midget's house.

.a webcam that makes you look like a giant.

Midget & Giant by
Ryuji Nakamura
(mais: http://www.ryujinakamura.com)