.great pieces that combine art, design and set decoration.

Paper Creations by Chrissie Macdonald

(mais: http://www.chrissiemacdonald.co.uk)


.i like the illustration as much as the message.

Illustration by Raphael Vicenzi

(mais: http://www.mydeadpony.com)

.tiny food jewelry.

.it really looks delicious.

'Cheery Cheesecake Franzy Ring' & 'Triple Delight Ice Cream Dangle Earrings' by DIVINEsweetness

(mais: http://www.etsy.com/shop/DIVINEsweetness)

.que remédio.

.when something is wrong.

'Help Remedies' Packaging

(mais: http://www.helpineedhelp.com)

.it's chosen.

.you can choose what you want.

'Kokoa Hut shopping bag' by Prompt Design

(mais: http://www.prompt-design.com)


.objectos decorativos emoldurados na parede.

'Framed objects' by the.

(mais: http://www.thinkofthe.com/product.php?name=framed-objects)

.about a llama.

.colorful and fun.

Llama illustrations by Migy

(mais: http://www.migy.com)

.geometric tattoos.

.not that i'm such a fan of tattoos, but some are quite impressive.

Tattoos by Tomas Tomas

(mais: http://tomastomas108.wordpress.com)
.cute chairs.

'Elastic Wood' by Bakery Design

(mais: http://www.bakery-design.com)

.bora piquenicar.

.an urban picnic or an office escape.

'Boxsal Picnic Boxes' by Three Blind Ants, LLC

(mais: http://www.boxsal.com)

.want vs need.

.kind of true.

'Need to Want' by Erin Hanson

(mais: http://recoveringlazyholic.com/needtowant.html)

.a nice place to eat.

.exclusividade, originalidade e uma vista de sonho.

The Dining Pod at Soneva Kiri by Six Senses (Thailand)

(mais: http://www.sixsenses.com/Soneva-Kiri)

.tiny big drops.

.a city flooded by a gigant glass of water.

'The Flowing City
' by Liu Chenhsu
(mais: http://www.awmcorps.com/megawing)

.girls just wanna have fun.

.adoro especialmente o cabelo em super movimento.

'Snapshot, part 4
' drawing by Esra Roise
(mais: http://www.esraroise.com/portfolio/selected-work)

.origami dress.

.the art of origami came to fashion.

'Corpetto di Jacroki della Okinawa'
by Elena Salmistraro
(mais: http://www.elenasalmistraro.com/home/fashion-design)

.tasty paper food.

.a no-calorie snack made of paper that substitutes junk food.

'Slim Chips' by HAF
(mais: http://hafsteinnjuliusson.com)